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Welcome to VR Platform! This help article will walk you through setting up VR Platform so you can start automating your accounting transactions as soon as possible.

Before you complete our onboarding steps below, it is highly recommended to read through our Pre-Onboarding Frequently Asked Questions. Once you have read the FAQs, you should have an understanding of the process to begin your setup.

Please complete the following steps in the order listed below:

  1. Connect your Property Management System to VR Platform (select instructions based on your system below)

  2. Connect your Accounting System

    1. Sage Intacct - book a consultation with our team here -

  3. Connect Airbnb

  4. Connect your payment processor

    1. Booking.com (only if booking.com is the payment processor) - same steps as Airbnb connection listed in section 3

  5. Setup your team

  6. Configure QBO

  7. Configure the Mappings (each item below is linked to a detailed article explaining how to complete the configurations)

  8. Configure Listings

  9. Add your Custom Fees (optional)

    1. typically you will want a vendor setup for each fee you configure. For example, in Quickbooks, create a vendor called "Management Company Name - Commissions", or "Management Company Name - VRBO Channel Fees". Follow this process for any custom fees you add to VRPlatform

    2. Fetch your QBO connection in VRPlatform to make sure your vendors are updated with the new changes.

    3. Here are some guide books for adding your custom fees:

      1. Stripe Fees

      2. Set Amount per Booking

That's it! You have completed your configurations in VR Platform. Based on your go live date, you can enable your automations to start pushing over data into your accounting system.

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