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Onboarding - Automation Mappings - Deposit - to Account

Deposit-to Account mappings in VRP

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The "Deposit-to Account" tab on the Mappings page in VRPlatform indicates the general ledger account to which deposits from your payment processor will be received, typically a bank account. This mapping configures your "Payment Journal Entries" automation, which is designed to capture the detail of all your payout deposits to match in your bank feed.

To begin, access the "Deposit-to Account" tab on the Mappings page within VRPlatform. Here, set the Fallback field to designate the primary bank account in QuickBooks Online (QBO) where the majority of your payouts are received. If all payouts funnel into a single bank account, your setup is complete at this stage.

However, if you receive payouts into multiple accounts, utilize the "+ Add exception" feature. Specify the appropriate QBO bank account name in the "Exception" field under the "Bank Account Digits" tab. This ensures that all payout journal entries automated by VRPlatform will be created for the correct payout account.

In cases where specific listings direct payouts to an owner's bank account, refer to the instructions provided in the article titled "Payouts sent directly to owners - Overview."

Please note: The fields in the lower section of the "Deposit-to Account Mappings" do not require population.

For further guidance, refer to the instructional video below titled "Setting Deposit-to Account Mappings" available for reference.


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