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Onboarding - Automation Mappings - Inclusion

Inclusion Mappings in VRPlatform

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Please finalize Items - PMS, Classes, Locations, and Receive - to Account mappings (reservation invoice and reservation payment automation mappings) before proceeding with the Inclusion tab mappings. Once these mappings are complete, conduct testing by running the reservation invoice and reservation payment automations for your first month of transactions. Review a paid invoice and its related payment for each booking channel. If the payment amount generated by the reservation payment automation equals the invoice amount, nothing further needs to be mapped on this page. This process will help determine if any additional mappings are required on the Inclusion tab.

VRPlatform offers a custom solution for automating reservation invoices, ensuring accuracy and consistency across various booking channels. The Inclusion tab within VRPlatform plays a pivotal role in tailoring and automating invoices to reflect the payout amounts from each booking channel.

Understanding the Inclusion Tab

The Inclusion tab serves as a control center, allowing users to fine-tune which line types are included or excluded from their PMS (Property Management System) on automated reservation invoices from each booking channel. However, it's essential to follow a structured process:

  1. Mapping Line Types: Before utilizing the Inclusion tab, it's imperative to map line types on the Items - PMS tab. This step establishes a clear connection between the line items in your PMS and the products and services offered that will populate your invoices.

  2. Testing Automation: After mapping, thorough testing of the reservation invoice automation is necessary. This involves generating invoices from each booking channel and comparing the total invoice amount to the total payment collected to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Tailoring to Booking Channels

Each booking channel operates differently regarding payouts and associated fees. VRPlatform adapts to these variations seamlessly:

  • Channel-Specific Fees: For instance, Airbnb deducts channel fees directly from payouts, while VRBO and handle fees separately. Consequently, invoices for Airbnb bookings will include a line item for channel fees, whereas those for VRBO and will not.

  • Exceptions Handling: Exceptions, such as including the host channel fee on invoices for all booking channels except Homeaway, VRBO, and, can be effortlessly managed through the Inclusion tab (see below).

Flexibility and Customization

The Inclusion tab offers flexibility in invoice management:

  • Adding Line Types: If a line type that should appear on the invoice is missing during testing, users can simply designate it as "Invoice" in the Inclusion field. This action ensures its visibility on the Items - PMS tab for mapping to the appropriate product and service.

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