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How to test your Reservation Invoice Automation
How to test your Reservation Invoice Automation

Testing your Reservation Invoice automation by booking channel

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Testing Invoice Automation in VRPlatform: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you've established connections with Airbnb,, payment processors, and configured the necessary mappings for reservation invoices and payments in VRPlatform, it's crucial to ensure the accuracy of your automated invoicing process. VRPlatform streamlines this process by automating invoices to reflect the exact payout amounts from each booking channel. However, fine-tuning may be required to include or exclude specific line items on your invoices, which can be done through the "Inclusion" section on the Mappings page in VRPlatform.

Follow these steps to test your reservation invoices:

1. Configure Mappings: Before testing, ensure that you've completed the following sections on the Mappings page:

  • Classes

  • Items-PMS

  • Location

  • Receive-to Account

2. Fetch Connections: Navigate to the Connections page and fetch your payment processors (e.g., Stripe), Airbnb,, and PMS connections for the previous month. VRPlatform allows you to fetch up to one month of previous transactions. Remember that fetching connections does not push past transactions into QBO unless you run an automation for a prior period.

3. Review Reservations: Go to the Reservations page and filter by date, starting from the earliest period of transactions in VRPlatform up to the current date.

4. Compare Payments and Financials: Filter reservations by booking channel and select a fully paid reservation to compare the "Payments" amount to the "Financials" amount. The "Payments" total reflects all payments received, while the "Financials" amount indicates the total amount of line items populating the invoice. If these two amounts match, there's no need for additional adjustments. If they differ, proceed to the next step.

Note: For payments received in a prior period (one month before your account creation), they will not exist in VRPlatform. Therefore, the payment amount will not equal the financial amount, with the financial amount likely being greater. In such cases, refer to your PMS to verify the total amount of payments received for comparison with the automated invoice amount.

5. Fine-Tune Invoices: Navigate to the "Inclusion" tab to fine-tune your invoices if the payments and financials amounts do not match. Here, you can adjust line items to ensure accuracy.

6. Repeat for Each Booking Channel: Perform the above procedure for each booking channel to confirm that your invoices are accurately automated across all platforms.

By following these steps, you can ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your reservation invoice automation process in VRPlatform.

7. Run Automations: Now that your reservation automation has been fine-tuned, execute the Reservation Invoice and Reservation Payment automations for the first month of automated transactions from the go-live date.

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