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Onboarding - Automation Mappings - Classes

Class Mappings in VRP

Updated over a week ago

In this guide, we will explain the class mappings in VRPlatform, and how to set up and assign classes to listings. VRPlatform utilizes QuickBooks Online (QBO) classes to tag the transactions it creates through its automations.

Classes are enabled and created in your initial QBO configurations. One class should be created for each separate active listing in your PMS, as well as a dedicated class for your property management business.

To start, navigate to the Classes tab on the Mappings page in VRPlatform. Under "Classes Mappings" at the bottom of the page, assign the QBO classes created to each active listing from your PMS. Do not set a fallback value (default) at the top of the screen. It is important to have an individual class for each separate listing.

If a class isn't visible in the dropdown menu, fetch your QBO connection on the Connections page in VRPlatform.

NOTE : If you have multiple listings for a single property, you may create a parent class in QBO for the property for expense tracking and roll-up. This is not required, but many find it helpful.

Please view the instructional Guideflow below titled "Assigning Classes to Listings" for additional guidance.

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