Capturing Transactions from the Bank Feed

The primary source of accounting will be in your Quickbooks bank feed. Here is some guidance on how to account for bank transactions.

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Maintaining your bank feed in Quickbooks is essential for having a smooth accounting function. Doing this regularly (daily, weekly) can make your month-end process seem like a breeze compared to waiting until the end of the month to take on the entire task.

Below are some rules for capturing different transactions from the bank feed in Quickbooks. You are most likely using the Locations approach, as that is our current implemented process, but it is possible that you could be using a different approach depending on when you onboarded with VRPlatform. Please read the expense and transfer articles carefully - based on which approach you are using, the rules are different.


  • For deposits from Stripe and Airbnb (including resolutions), click here

  • For deposits from other 3rd party payment processors, click here

  • For manual deposits where a guest paid you directly, click here

Expenses and Transfers

The links above will provide guidance on operating expenses, owner related expenses, and transfers between your operating and trust accounts.

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