How to Migrate Listings

Migrate statements, ownership, connections and mappings to another listing

Updated over a week ago

The listing migration feature provides users with a way to seamlessly migrate owner statements, listing ownerships, listing connections, and automation mappings, all while ensuring the original listing is securely disabled post-migration. This feature simplifies the process of reorganizing and managing listings, providing a valuable resource for enhancing efficiency and control within VRPlatform.

Steps to Migrate a Listing

  1. From the Listings screen, find the listing you want to migrate.

  2. Click on the listing to open the listing details.

  3. At the top right, hover over the 3 dot icon and select Migrate Listing.

  4. In the pop-up window that appears, use the drop down menu to select the listing you wish to migrate the listing to.

  5. Click Submit.

In order to see the changes, you may need to manually refresh the listings screen after clicking the Submit button and pop-up window closes.

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