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How to re-assign owner/spectator roles
How to re-assign owner/spectator roles

Learn how to re-assign roles for Owners and Spectators

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Whether you need to grant an individual more visibility or restrict their permissions, this guide will walk you through the simple yet crucial steps to efficiently re-assign ownership status. Empower your team with the flexibility they need to thrive and adapt in your dynamic environment. Let's dive in and explore the straightforward process of toggling between roles effortlessly.

  1. From the Listings screen, search for the owner or listing you neeed to update.

  2. Click on the Listing to open the listing details panel. This panel will also display the owners currently assigned to the listing.

  3. Next to the user you're looking to update, hover over the 3 dots on the far right and select Change Role.

    NOTE: If you are updating an spectator to an owner, you will need to assign a Vendor in order to be able to save the owner.

  4. Click Save.

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