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Accounting Partner Dashboard Overview
Accounting Partner Dashboard Overview

This article gives an overview of the accounting partner dashboard and relevant features found there

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The Accounting Partner Dashboard is a centralized place where you can manage your VRPlatform team accounts, users, automations, and connections.

The menus consist of the following


  • Teams Tab - high level overview of all your VRPlatform teams, listing counts, and the status of each team.

    • You can disable an environment in this menu using the 3 dots on the right and clicking "Suspend" - this will disable access to VRP for the Property Manager and Owners until it is reinstated by the accounting partner. This is intended to work as a lever for the accountant when there are issues with client payment.

  • Users Tab - This shows you all users and the teams they are assigned to broken out by Property Managers, Owners, and users without a team.

  • Activity Tab - This shows a log of activity and can be filtered by team and dates

Your Team

This is where you can manage the team members for your accounting practice and see their access by team.


Provides an overview of owner statements and tax statements by VRPlatform team and status. It can be filtered by month and status also.


This menu is still being developed, but will serve as a status dashboard to make sure you automations are running successfully and quickly see if any errors are present.


Centralized dashboard where you can see the connection status for the PMS, Accounting System, Airbnb, and Stripe by team.

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