Beginning Balance Entries

This article provides details about the types of beginning balance entries that may be needed as a new customer with VRPlatform.

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Upon joining VRPlatform as a customer, a set of initial balance entries in QuickBooks Online (QBO) becomes essential to ensure a smooth transition from previous accounting methods to our trust accounting process. These entries, if applicable, include:

  1. Beginning Balance Location Entry: This entry is mandatory for all new users. It sets the foundation for accurate financial tracking between the trust and operating accounts.

  2. Beginning Trust Balance Entry: This entry is essential if you're initiating a new QBO subscription at your designated start date. It serves to establish the initial trust balance crucial for capturing accurate account balance details.

  3. Cash to Accrual Entry: Recommended only if your entity follows cash-basis accounting. This entry facilitates the transition to accrual accounting, ensuring accurate financial reporting.

For more detailed information on each entry, please click the respective link.


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