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STR Business Models Supported by VRPlatform
STR Business Models Supported by VRPlatform
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Common Question - Can VRPlatform handle Exceptions to the normal traditionally managed properties?

Typically, the answer is "Yes." VRPlatform is extremely flexible to meet the needs of the customer. In additional to traditional management models, it can support the following:

  • Arbitrage Models

  • Multiple Airbnb and Stripe Accounts

  • Listings owned by the property management company owner in addition to 3rd party owned properties (usually two trust accounts)

  • Deposits made straight to Owners' accounts

    • It's important to note that if "Co-Hosting" is your primary business practice, you will lose a lot of the efficiencies offered by VRPlatform in addition to the quality of your accounting function, since it is difficult to reconcile deposits to your bank statement when they are going to an external party.

  • Owner Shortfalls - invoicing and collecting them is a function of VRPlatform and Quickbooks. You also have the option of rolling forward owner deficit balances to future months.

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