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Stripe Journals - Error says "When you use Accounts Receivable, you must choose a customer in the name field
Stripe Journals - Error says "When you use Accounts Receivable, you must choose a customer in the name field

steps below will show you how to address this

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Quickbooks requires a customer to be attached to any transaction hitting Accounts Receivable. For Stripe deposits, sometimes the customer record being sent via API doesn't exactly line up with the customer record in Quickbooks.

When you see the error below, here are the steps you can use to fix it:

Modify your Payment Journal Entry Mappings - navigate to Mappings>Items - Payment Processors

Change the Stripe Refund Account to another non-AR account. (This is temporary) In this example I am using Cancellation Fees (Net of Refunds)

After you select the new account, re-run the payment journal - in VRPlatform, go to Payments>Locate the deposit>Check the box on left>Click Post (top right)>Select Payment Journal Entries

In Quickbooks, find the journal entry (this should be the most recent transaction in your search).

Modify the entry in QBO - change the account to Accounts Receivable, and add the customer info into the name field (you can find the customer name in the payment detail in VRPlatform, or in your Stripe Payout detail). NOTE - review the entire entry, as you might have multiple cancellation line items as the sample below does.



Once you have fixed the transaction, you can match it in your bank feed:

Lastly, you need to return your configurations in your payment journal entry to the Accounts Receivable Account - Go to Automations>Payment Journal Entries>Mappings>Journal Account

This is something that should be a rare occurrence. If you find that it happens frequently and you don't want to complete this process on a regular basis, you can create a specific account to point your Stripe Refunds to, however, you will have to review that account on a weekly or monthly basis and properly assign/categorize the refunds in every journal entry.

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