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How to exclude line items from your invoices
How to exclude line items from your invoices
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When you are completing your Reservation Invoice automation configurations, you will assign a QBO product/service (Quickbooks item) to every line type that appears on the product and service mappings page in VRPlatform, which is pulled from your property management system. The goal is to automate invoices that reflect the payout amount received from your booking channels and payment processors. After mapping every line item that comes through, you may find that some line items apply to one booking channel, but do not need to show up on the invoices for another booking channel.

It will become apparent that you need to exclude a line item from your invoice when you notice that the payment transaction generated by VRPlatform does not equal the amount of your invoice. You will need to either exclude or include an item to remedy the issue.

Once you have set up your Reservation Invoice automation and Reservation Payment Automation, it is recommended to run an invoice and payment from every booking channel and compare the invoice and payment amounts to ensure that an item does not need to be included or excluded from your invoices.

To include or exclude a line item from your invoices for one or all booking channels, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the automations page, select your Reservation Invoices automation, and navigate to the Inclusion section of your mappings

  2. Locate the item that needs to be excluded, and select exclude. Note that this should only be set to exclude if it should be excluded from all invoices generated.

  3. If the item only needs to be excluded from certain booking channels, select invoice, and then add exceptions by booking channel by selecting the elipsis (3 dots) and indicating "Exclude" for the different booking channels that should not include the item in the invoice.

  4. To include a line item that is not appearing on your invoice, simply locate the line type on the Inclusion tab, and select "Invoice" (see above) in the options column next to the invoice line type to include. Then on the products and services tab, point the line type to the appropriate Quickbooks item.

  5. Once you have established your inclusions and exclusions in the Inclusion section of your reservation invoice mappings, run your invoice automation for the period under review, and the mappings will update accordingly.

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