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Error - VendorRef when running Owner Statements
Error - VendorRef when running Owner Statements

When running owner statements, if you receive VendorRef error, follow the steps below to address it.

Updated over a week ago

When owner statements are moved to "Published and Billed" in VRPlatform, a bill is created in Quickbooks for that Owner's payout. Quickbooks requires a vendor to create a bill. This must be populated in VRPlatform's configurations in order successfully create a bill in QBO. There are two places this information is populated in VRPlatform:

  1. In the Listing<>Owner configurations

    1. Click Listings

    2. Select a Listing by clicking on the row (not the same as checking the box)

    3. fill in the vendor field

  2. In the Owner Statement Bills Automation

    1. Automations

    2. Owner Statement Bills

    3. Mappings

    4. Vendors

    5. Populate the vendor info for each listing

Here is a step-by-step guide on where to address this in your Owner Statement Bills Automation:

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