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August 2023 - VRPlatform Office Hours
August 2023 - VRPlatform Office Hours

Check out our webinar recording to see the latest features and updates to VRP!

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In this article, we'll be recapping the Office Hours webinar held in August 2023. Led by our expert team, this engaging session was dedicated to showcasing the latest features in VRPlatform, as well as sharing invaluable best practices for our users. The webinar covered a range of essential topics, including navigating cancellation processes, utilizing our new management commissions feature, fee automations, and how to reconcile what is owned between the Operations and Trust.

We are delighted to present the full recording of the session, allowing you to review and revisit the content at their convenience. Additionally, the webinar included time for Q&A, where attendees had the opportunity to interact with our experts and gain personalized solutions. Join us as we dive into the key takeaways from the "Office Hours" webinar, empowering you to maximize your experience and success with VRPlatform.

The video above is conveniently broken up into chapters, allowing you to easily navigate and skip to specific sections as needed.

00:00 - Intro

00:39 - Help and Support Menu

01:01 - Handling cancellations - example 1, 100% refund, no cash received

04:13 - Handling cancellations - example 2, some cash received

10:17 - Q/A #1: How to handle partial refunds

16:29 - Q/A #2: Why are cancellations not automated

17:59 - Q/A #3: How to handle cancellations for guests who arrive and cancel inside of the stay

19:02 - Q/A #4: How to handle owner shortfalls for the month (con’t at 35:59)

19:41 - Automations for Commissions

20:50 - Management Commission Automation

24:02 - Update Statement Settings to include Management Commissions

25:07 - How to test the management commissions automation

25:46 - Q/A #5: How to handle charges in the Commission automation with varying calculation methods

27:04 - How to handle merchant fees or stripe fees with commission automations 32:29 - Q/A #6: Why we use the balance sheet approach

35:59 - Q/A #4 (con’t from 19:02): How to handle owner shortfalls for the month 38:55 - Q/A #7: How does the stripe fee automation appear on the owner statement 40:07 - Q/A #8: Do I have to create an invoice for a shortfall that is a small amount 40:33 - Q/A #9: Best practices for tracking tax collected versus tax paid

43:46 - Update on Future Developments and Enhancements to VRPlatform

46:04 - Q/A #10: How to offset negative balances

47:10 - Q/A #11: Is there a way to cancel a reservation in VRP (specific to Booking Automation)

48:04 - Q/A #12: How do I handle the pass through tax from Airbnb?

49:43 - Wrap up

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