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June 2023 - VRPlatform Office Hours
June 2023 - VRPlatform Office Hours

Check out our webinar recording to see the latest features and updates to VRP!

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In this article, we'll be recapping the Office Hours webinar held in June 2023.Led by our expert team, this engaging session provided valuable insights into the latest features of VRPlatform, accompanied by essential best practices for our esteemed users. We explored a range of topics critical to optimizing your VRPlatform experience, including effective strategies for handling mark-ups, navigating owner fees and charges, managing cancellations, and addressing owner deficit balances. Additionally, attendees gained exclusive access to the unveiling of new automations, simplifying tasks and enhancing efficiency. The webinar also covered the utilization of VRP support menu to ensure seamless operations. As a culmination of the event, our audience had the opportunity for a rewarding Q/A session with our knowledgeable host.

Please check out the full video recording of the Office Hours webinar session below. Whether you were a participant looking to review the valuable discussions or someone who missed the live event, you can now immerse yourself in the engaging presentations and discussions at your convenience. Join us as we delve into the key highlights of the Office Hours webinar, empowering you to harness the full potential of VRPlatform for your success.

The video above is conveniently broken up into chapters, allowing you to easily navigate and skip to specific sections as needed.

00:00 - Intro to Automations

01:08 - Common Questions/Issues: Reservation Invoices - Products & Services

03:25 - Commons Questions/Issues: Reservation Invoices - Locations

05:12 - Owner Statements: Overview of how items are displayed

06:57 - Best way to update Balance Sheet items in QBO

09:45 - Why fees aren’t displayed on statements as expected and how to resolve it

12:05 - Transaction workflow explanation

13:12 - Reservation payments configurations

15:33 - Payment journal entries: troubleshooting tips

17:25 - Payment journal entries configurations

19:13 - Owner Statements: updates on recent issues

20:27 - Q/A #1: Handling updates when doing reconciliations

22:25 - Q/A #2: Owners with multiple accounts (task-specific email workarounds)

23:16 - Upcoming updates: Spectator role

24:47 - Upcoming updates: Dashboard view

25:40 - Conclusions and opening to Q/A

28:07 - Q/A #3: Review PM Journal Entry and troubleshooting tips

35:29 - Q/A #4: Making adjustments - crediting owners for an expense

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