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May 2023 - VRPlatform Office Hours
May 2023 - VRPlatform Office Hours

Check out our webinar recording to see the latest features and updates to VRP!

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In this article, we'll be recapping the Office Hours webinar held in May 2023. Hosted by our expert team, this virtual session served as a dynamic platform to delve into the latest features of VRPlatform, offering valuable insights into maximizing its potential. The webinar covered a range of topics, from the revolutionary Automations that replaced Mappings, to optimizing the utilization of Listings and accessing the Knowledgebase efficiently. Attendees were also given an exclusive glimpse into the exciting upcoming updates, ensuring they stay at the forefront of cutting-edge VRPlatform advancements.

Please check out the full video recording of the Office Hours webinar session below. Whether you were a participant looking to review the valuable discussions or someone who missed the live event, you can now immerse yourself in the engaging presentations and discussions at your convenience. Join us as we explore the key takeaways and best practices shared during this insightful webinar to enhance your understanding and implementation of VRPlatform's newest features.

The video above is conveniently broken up into chapters, allowing you to easily navigate and skip to specific sections as needed.

00:00 - Today’s Topic: New Features in VRP

01:42 - Automations replacing Mappings

02:28 - Listing configuration updates

03:01 - Disable owner statements and automations from listings

03:23 - Add multiple owners to listings (owner splits)

04:10 - Assign classes in listings

04:20 - About Location mapping in listings

06:04 - Adding a new Automation

07:11 - Reservation Invoice Automation Overview (including class/location exceptions) 10:17 - Q/A #1: Will VRP replace API Nation for Guesty clients?

10:59 - Q/A #2: Can I set default product/service classes?

12:01 - Running an Automation

14:25 - Payment Journal Entries Automation Overview

16:46 - Owner Statement Automations

17:14 - Common questions and issues on owner statements

21:34 - Q/A #3: Difference between owner statement and owner statement bills automations The difference is owner statement bills is needed for creating bills in QBO. 22:42 - QA #4: Delete option for owner statements (only accessible from Draft)

23:31 - Accessing Knowledge base

24:52 - Files page in VRP

26:06 - Q to users on call: What are the biggest pain points for you in VRP?

26:35 - Batch updating statements - Now live in VRPlatform!

27:06 - Future capability: Adding more customization on statements

27:48 - Future capability: Handling cancellations in the future

28:43 - Owner page updates

29:15 - Q/A #5: Can we run a journal entry or invoice depending on what info is missing? 30:51 - Add multiple owners to listing to split ownership

32:00 - Mapping Units from Listings

33:11 - Bulk update statement statuses

34:22 - Statements in a draft status need to be completed

36:12 - Deleting statements

36:30 - Summary statements

38:46 - Final thoughts

39:12 - Accessing Knowledge base *(The knowledge base has since moved onto a new platform).

40:40 - Q/A #6: How to create a new monthly statement

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