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VRPlatform Quarterly Release Notes
Q2 2023 VRPlatform Quarterly Release Notes
Q2 2023 VRPlatform Quarterly Release Notes

Learn about the latest software updates and improvements in VRPlatform

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VRP General Enhancements

VRP Support Updates

You may have already noticed the "chat bubble" icon conveniently located on the lower right side of the VRP screen. This icon serves as a one-stop destination for all your support needs. By clicking on the bubble, you can easily initiate a chat with our dedicated support team, who are ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. Additionally, this icon grants you access to a comprehensive knowledge base, filled with articles and resources that can help you find answers to common queries or explore advanced features of our platform. With this new integration, we aim to provide you with quick and convenient access to personalized support and valuable self-help resources, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Web Extension Update

The VRP web extension has been upgraded in both the Google Chrome and Microsoft Web Stores. This update brings enhanced functionality and improvements to streamline the process of creating connections for Airbnb and We wanted to ensure you are aware of these changes and provide you with the necessary resources to install and utilize the updated extension effectively.

To get started, please follow the articles linked below for detailed instructions on installing and using the VRP web extension:

This enhancement specifically applies to Airbnb and connections. All other integrations will continue to be managed through the Connections screen as usual.

Enabling/Disabling Listings

The ability to enable and disable listings brings even more control and flexibility to your listings management. You now have the option to remove specific listings from the main listings screen effortlessly. Disabling a listing ensures that it no longer appears in search results or other prominent areas. What's more, we understand that financial considerations are crucial, which is why disabled listings will not incur monthly subscription charges.

Guesty Workflows VRP

With Automations, we are proud to offer Guesty users a comprehensive platform that centralizes their operations and maximizes productivity. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of our all-in-one solution. If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the transition to VRPlatform's Automations, we are here to help! Our dedicated support team is available to provide guidance and address any inquiries you may have.

Please note that this migration for Guesty clients will be mandatory in the future, so we encourage clients to make this transition sooner rather than later.

Accounting Process Updates


We are excited to announce the release of our latest feature, Automations, in VRPlatform! This powerful tool is designed to streamline tasks and enhance efficiency across the platform. With Automations, you can automate repetitive processes, saving valuable time and effort. This feature will replace the current Mappings, providing a more comprehensive and seamless workflow experience.

Please note that while Automations will be the primary workflow automation tool moving forward, we understand that some of our customers are currently using Hospitable and OwnerRez, which rely on Mappings. For those customers, Mappings will continue to be supported and utilized within the platform.

Enabling of location tracking in the integration and New “Locations Accounting Approach”

You can now leverage locations within QBO, revolutionizing the way you manage your accounting processes. By assigning locations, you will be able to further simplify the accounting process.

Ximplifi has updated our existing “Balance Sheet” Approach utilizing Locations in order to achieve the following:

  • Property Management Revenue instantly goes to the P&L. No more month-end journal entries to get your revenue to show up

  • Cleaner insight on what is owned to operations from the trust.

Many clients have struggled with the month-end PM Journal Entry. With this new approach, the month-end journal entry is simplified since all PM expenses and revenues already reside on the balance sheet, leaving only a true-up of what is owed between property management operations and the trust.

Owner Enhancements

New Spectator Role

The Spectator role provides users with convenient access to view owner statements and reports within the Owner Portal. As a view-only role, spectators will have the ability to review and analyze statements and reports, gaining valuable insights into financial information. Although spectators will not receive statement splits, this feature enables them to stay informed and engaged with the latest updates. Easily add a new spectator from the Owners screen. Look for the updated button labeled "Add New Owner/Spectator," which enables you to seamlessly add new users for either the Owner or Spectator role. This is ideal for Owners that need to grant a 3rd party access (a partner, accountant, etc.) to their published owner statements in VRP.

Apply Ownership Splits to Listings

Take control of your listings and effortlessly set ownership split percentages to align with the unique needs and arrangements of your team. With this update, you now have the power to define and customize ownership distribution directly within the platform. By assigning precise ownership split percentages, you can accurately reflect the ownership structure for each listing.

Updates to Help Owners Access VRP

We have made some updates regarding owner accessibility in VRP. These enhancements have been implemented to provide additional support for owners who may require assistance accessing their accounts. While the features may appear simple, they have already proven to be incredibly valuable.

Owner Email Address Update:

We have introduced a new feature that allows for the updating of owner email addresses directly from the Owners screen in VRP. This functionality is available as long as the owner's account has not yet reached the active state. Once the account is active, owners can conveniently update their email addresses themselves, provided they can log in with their current email address. You can find more information about this in this support article.

Improved Invitation Email Delivery:

We have acknowledged that some owners were experiencing issues with receiving the invitation emails sent from VRP. To address this challenge, we have implemented a solution that empowers users to copy the invitation link sent to the owner. By offering this capability, users can now send the invitation link to owners via an alternate communication method, ensuring that they receive it promptly and without any complications. You can find more information about this in this support article.

Owner Statement Enhancements

Owner Summary Statements

We have introduced a brand new feature - the Owner Statement Summaries view. This addition aims to provide a comprehensive overview of owner statements, enabling a more streamlined and efficient experience for our valued property owners.

The Owner Statement Summaries view offers a consolidated and easily accessible way to access, review, and manage owner statements. With this new feature, owners can quickly analyze key financial information and gain valuable insights at a glance.

This view is accessible within the main portal as well. It can be accessed by going to the Statements screen, selecting a statement, and then hovering over the icon next to the statement status button. In the list that appears, select “By Listing” or “By Owner” under the Summary section.

Batch Updating Owner Statements

You now have the power to select multiple statements at once and effortlessly modify their status with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of individually updating each statement, and say hello to increased efficiency and productivity. On the statement list screen, you'll find a convenient "Update status" button that empowers you to make swift, comprehensive updates across multiple statements. This game-changing feature is designed to simplify your experience and ensure that managing owner statements is a breeze. We're confident that this enhancement will save you valuable time and allow you to focus on what matters most – providing excellent service to your owners.

Payout amounts still must be populated for each statement, so it is suggested that this be done whenever moving a statement out of draft status to “In Review”, “Published”, or “Posted”. If the payout is already populated (for example, when moved to “In Review” status), then a batch status to Published or Posted will not require the payout amount to be entered.

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