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How to add and configure listings in VRP
How to add and configure listings in VRP

Learn how listings are added, and how to assign owners, classes and locations

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The following steps must be completed prior to configuring new listings in VRP:

Add the listing to your Property Management System, Airbnb, and other channels you currently use. If you use Hostfully, you must enable the new listing in the Ximplifi integration within Hostfully (how to connect Hostfully).

Add a class for the property in Quickbooks Online. You will likely need to run a fetch on the QBO connection after doing this if you are trying to add the class and then configure the settings directly afterwards (how to run a fetch).

Ensure the owners have been added in VRP (how to add owners).

Configuring new listings in VRPlatform

Once the initial steps above have been completed, you can proceed with the following steps.

  1. Go to the Listings screen. Confirm the new listing is present.

  2. Assign the owner and listing group (if applicable) to the new listing.

    1. The Owner can be added in the field on the right

    2. The listing group can be selected by clicking the box on the left, then selecting the listing group at the bottom menu on the screen. You can either create a new listing group or select an existing listing group.

  3. Assign the correct QBO class to the listing by clicking on the Mappings Menu, then Classes. Down at the bottom section of the screen you can assign the QBO class to the VRPlatform Listing.

How to Enable and Disable listings in VRPlatform

If you have an inactive listing showing up and you need to disable it, simply click the box to the left of the listing and select "disable" in the status bar on the bottom of the screen

If listing contract has ended, then you can just disable the non-owner statement automations. This will allow you to issue the last owner statement for the owner without continuing to post transaction-level data into QBO.

NOTE - it is imperative that listing statuses be accurately maintained in VRPlatform on a regular basis. This will guarantee that your subscription billing is accurate each month and will also prevent bad data from flowing into your accounting system.

Lastly, note that disabled listings will not appear on your listings screen by default and can only be viewed by changing the filter at the top of the screen:

To enable a listing that is in a disabled status, simply navigate to the disabled listings, select the box next to the desired listing, and change the status to Enabled using the same process outlined above.

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